Areas of Research

Computer Engineering is an ever-changing field of study incorporating software and hardware engineering and design. Our program is a fusion of computer Science and electrical engineering, allowing our students to work at the cutting edge of current research and development. Students collaborate with faculty in many departments within the School of Engineering and School of Data Science to create inventive and interrelated research -- and more areas of research are being added constantly as the technology advances.

The Computer Engineering Program at the University of Virginia focuses on six major areas of research:

Computer Architecture and High-Performance Computing
VLSI and Low Power Design
Distributed Systems and Dependable, Secure computing
Cyber-Physical Systems, and Embedded and Robotic Systems
Machine Learning, NLP, Vision, and Image Processing
Internet of Things, Networks, and Cloud computing

We encourage you to explore the research of faculty in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Systems Engineering.  Many of the current research projects and labs are listed below.  This list is far from complete, however, since new labs are added all the time.