Graduate Board

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Board at the University of Virginia consists of graduate students who go beyond their academic pursuits to improve the quality of life, both academically and socially, for students in the Chemical Engineering department.

To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Communicate graduate student concerns and interests to the faculty
  • Plan activities and serve as hosts for visiting prospective graduate students
  • Plan social activities for the graduate students and faculty
  • Organize seminars where graduate students present their research
  • Organize guest speaker seminars
  • Assist in recruiting new faculty


Board Members 2023-2024

President - Sammy Fieser

Vice President - Dipesh Adhikari

Secretary - Inara Oliveira, Meagan Phisger

CHEERS - JR Eisold, Caroline Morin, Sammy Fieser, Rhea Braun

Social - Sam Agro, Kerri Mendola, Meagan Phister

Social Media - Daniel Garzon, Kanika Meena

Class Rep - Caroline Morin

Recruitment - Emily Ferrarese, Dean Yost

International Student Liaison - Anu Shrestha, Parastoo Sakinejad

GSEC Liaison - Sanha Kim

Coffee Czar - Sammy Fieser

Sustainability Chair - Rhea Braun *New Position*

Community Outreach Coordinator - Charlie Leroux *New Position*




Social Media

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