BME Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Future Goals

This section describes immediate goals of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, as discussed in quarterly meetings. Contact Mete Civelek or Kevin Janes with additional ideas or suggestions or to attend a future quarterly meeting

Faculty recruitment and retention goals

  • Play a central role in identifying, recruiting, and retaining faculty from underrepresented backgrounds into BME
  • Consider specific ways to improve Department climate and support of faculty from underrepresented backgrounds to ensure that the Department is an attractive place to build and sustain a career


Department climate goals

  • Increase the awareness of BME faculty teaching undergraduate second-year core classes on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion considerations in education and evaluation; identify standards for accountability
  • Educate BME faculty on the importance of undergraduate and graduate advising for students who are underrepresented and partner this education with a measure of accountability
  • Evaluate and improve the undergraduate curriculum around learning objectives involving inclusivity, equity, and empathy in research and design


Student outreach and recruitment goals

  • Work with the UVA Engineering Directors of Diversity Equity and Inclusion to improve the first-year undergraduate experience and recruit more underrepresented UVA students into BME


Scientific research and training

  • Learn more about best practices in universal design and accessibility for research space and equipment
  • Motivate health-care disparities as a context for engineering innovation, problem solving, research, and design


Current Activities

Past Activities