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  • Lark, James W., III

    Asst. Professor, Academic General Faculty, Center for Applied Mathematics (primary appointment), Dept. of Systems and Information Engineering (joint appointment), Affiliated Faculty, Dept. of Statistics

    Recipient of various academic honors, scholarships, and fellowships

    Developed solution procedure for finite-horizon partially observed Markov decision processes that is now known in the research literature as the “Lark algorithm” (or “Lark filtering algorithm”)

    Visiting Scholar,...

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  • Laugelli, Benjamin Joseph

    Assistant Professor

    I research and teach about social and ethical aspects of technology and engineering practice. My work examines sustainable design values, technology and science fiction, and the LEGO(R) Group's brand identity and practices.

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  • Li, Meiqin

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Applied Mathematics

    Dr. Li got her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M University at Collage Station in 2017. Her research involves numerical computation, optimization, nonlinear analysis, and STEM Education.

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  • Louis, Garrick

    Associate Professor, Engineering Systems and Environment (primary appointment), Engineering & Society (joint appointment)

    Garrick Louis is Associate Professor of Systems and Information Engineering and Engineering and Society at the University of Virginia. He is director of the Small Infrastructure and Development Center and director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Department of Systems and Information...

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