About MSE

Established in 1962, the U.Va. Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), addresses societal needs by providing cutting-edge research solutions and educating the leaders of tomorrow — in the classroom, in the lab and beyond.

The U.Va. Department of Materials Science and Engineering:

  • Consistently ranks in the top 30 of MSE departments nationally
  • Receives $9.5 M in research funding per year, enabling student-centered research across the spectrum of materials for structural and electronic functions
  • Is home to 5 major research centers of excellence.
  • Awards 3-4 MS and 10-15 PhD degrees annually in Materials Science and Engineering plus Engineering Physics
  • Is led by 24 nationally renowned professors, including 8 endowed chair-holders, one member of the National Academy of Engineering, and recipients of 35 fellow-of-technical-society awards.
  • Supports about 85 graduate students each year, involved in research, journal publication, and international technical conferences
  • Enables undergraduates from across the University to earn a minor in MSE and participate in sponsored research, or pursue a customized degree in Engineering Science
  • Operates sophisticated laboratory instrumentation and computer modeling facilities in two attached state-of-the-art buildings, Wilsdorf Hall and the Materials Science Building


Highly collaborative in nature, the department offers several degrees:

Concentration in Materials Science, via a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science (ES/MSE)

Master of Materials Science and Engineering (ME in Materials Science and Engineering)

Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering (MS-MSE)

Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering The department also offers a minor in materials science, available to all University undergraduate students and concentration in materials science within the engineering science program.