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  • Open rank: The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia invites applicants with expertise in additive manufacturing with metallic materials for a tenured/tenure‐track open rank faculty position (Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor). The additive manufacturing (AM) technologies are already influencing a broad range of sectors, including aerospace, defense, and biomedical. At the same time, there are challenges related to process monitoring and control, integrated computational materials engineering design, as well as certification and life prediction of AM components. Candidates who specialize in experimental, computational, theoretical or a combination of approaches are welcomed. job posting #0624219
  • Research Associate: The nanoSTAR Institute at the University of Virginia is seeking a Research Associate to assist the nanoSTAR Research Facilitator, and its Director and Associate Director with development, optimization, and validation of nanoscale drug delivery, device and imaging modalities for medical applications. The individual will be expected to work with core user facilities and multiple faculty research groups across the School of Engineering and Applied Science to validate physiochemical properties of various nanoscale formulations or devices for therapy, imaging, and diagnostics. The candidate will also be responsible for working with basic scientists and clinicians to help design in vitro, microfluidic device and cell-based tests as well as whole organism experiments to determine the efficacy and safety of these nanoscale formulations or devices. job posting #0623695
  • Research Associate: Professor John R. Scully in the Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia is seeking a Post-Doctoral Research Associate. The research primarily will include working on a prestigious new DOE Energy Frontiers Research Project (EFRC) named FUTURE (Fundamental Understandings of Transport and Reaction under Reactor Extremes). Focus includes understanding how RTILs and low melting temperature molten salts affect the double layer, alter the air formed passive oxide, control the in-situ film formation/growth behavior, and create a diffusion control depletion zone. Moreover, we will study these factors regulate environmental reactivity of single elements and binary and ternary model alloys. The project has a structural materials focus, but model materials will be emphasized. Behavior in ILs will be compared to room temperature aqueous, dry air, hot water, and molten salt passivation. Additional responsibilities include studying the role of additional defects produced in such films induced by harsh environments compared to model passivating treatments. The project involves extensive collaboration within UVA and with US DOE National Labs, travel, conference attendance, and wide networking useful for establishing a research career. A secondary project will involve limited investigation of corrosion modes of attack, corrosion mechanisms of steel canisters subject to Kr-85 storage. A third project may be required on a limited basis which only involves partial participation at any one time. To manage these activities, the successful candidate must supervise undergraduate students to help conduct research necessary to meet project goals and work well with others. job posting #0624161
  • Research Scientist: The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is seeking a Research Scientist who can facilitate state and industrially sponsored research programs in the areas of: (1) crystal plasticity modeling, (2) experimental measurements of mechanical behavior and (3) in-situ microstructure characterization: electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), synchrotron high energy x-ray diffraction (HEXD) and/or neutron diffraction. job posting #0624067