Our Mission:

We, the faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), strive to sustain a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive learning environment, aligned with UVA Engineering’s core value of excellence through diversity. Our committee’s mission is to create a better student experience, enhance faculty and staff careers, and enliven our department culture. To advance this mission, we resolve to implement a proactive diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that elevates awareness and accountability for the entire MSE department.

"I find the MSE faculty and students engaging and personable. Although people are busy - they care about each other. And will take the time to help each other succeed. I truly believe everyone is given chance(s) to succeed. I know we are actively working on diversity through recruiting and retention initiatives. "

MSE Student

"We seek to build a diverse and equitable community of students from all backgrounds and to provide a home for one and all. The materials discipline itself embraces diversity and requires it in order to succeed. "

John Scully, MSE Department Chair