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  • Rosalyn W. Berne

    Olsson Professor of Applied Ethics Chair, Department of Engineering and Society
    Rosalyn W. Berne

    Rosalyn W. Berne, PhD is the Anne Shirley Carter Olsson Professor of Applied Ethics and Director of the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science (OEC) in the Department of Engineering and Society, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where she has been a faculty member since 1999.

  • Coleen Carrigan

    Associate Professor

    Using feminist ethnography, Coleen Carrigan researches broadening participation, combating inequities, and enhancing public engagement in STEM with a particular emphasis on computing

  • Jason Clark

    Associate Professor
  • William Davis

    Assistant Professor
    William Davis

    As our technological creations increasingly permeate all that surrounds us, altering our behaviors and bodies in subtle and obvious ways, we ought to ask ourselves:

  • Joshua Earle

    Assistant Professor
    Joshua Earle

    Joshua Earle is a PhD in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) from Virginia Tech. His work focuses on the history of eugenics, and its connection to modern genetic medicine and to future imaginaries of human and more-than-human worlds. His work is situated in Feminist Philosophy of Technology, Disability Studies anBlack Feminist Philosophy.

  • fitzgerald
    Dr. Gerard J. Fitzgerald’s research employs a multi-disciplinary approach informed by different subfields including environmental history, the history of technology, sensory history, the history of public health, and the history of science to investigate the evolution of modern…
  • Rider W. Foley

    Associate Professor Director, Policy Internship Program
    Rider W. Foley headshot

    Dr. Rider W. Foley is an associate professor in the science, technology & society program in the Department of Engineering and Society at the University of Virginia. He is the principal investigator at University of Virginia on the ‘4C Project’ on Cultivating Cultures of Ethical STEM education.

  • MC Forelle

    Assistant Professor
    MC Forelle is an assistant professor in Engineering & Society at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia. Their work broadly examines the intersection of law, technology, and culture, with particular interests in materiality, sustainability, and…
  • Pedro is an experienced scholar and lecturer who has previously worked with theoretical and applied research at the intersection of Anthropology, Science & Technology Studies and Law, with interdisciplinary and critical perspectives, including access to knowledge and civic engagement…
  • James F. Groves

    Associate Professor Dept. of Engineering & Society (primary appointment) Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering (courtesy appointment)
    James Groves headshot photo

    James Groves is a leading university educator in the field of sustainable development. In the classroom he educates his students about sustainable energy systems; his overarching goal is to help "people and planet." His current efforts include Introduction to Sustainable Energy Systems and Global Context of Clean Energy Materials.