Timothy E. Allen

    Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Biomedical Engineering Director, NSF REU in Multiscale Systems Bioengineering and Biomedical Data Sciences
    Timothy E. Allen

    Timothy E. Allen teaches and mentors students in the areas of computational modeling of complex biological systems, molecular and cell biology assays, and medical device design.

    Laura Barnes

    Professor Associate Director, Link Lab
    Laura Barnes

    Laura Barnes is a professor in the Department of Systems and Information Engineering. She is the Associate Director of Link Lab and directs the Sensing Systems for Health Lab which focuses on designing impactful, technology-enabled solutions for improving health and well-being.

    Nada Basit

    Associate Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Computer Science (Courtesy Appointment): Associate Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, School of Data Science
    Nada Basit

    Nada Basit is a full-time Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia. She received her PhD in Computer Science from George Mason University. Her passion is teaching, and she has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in CS. Her research interests are in Computer Science education and Machine Learning.

    Philip E. Bourne

    Founding Dean, School of Data Science Professor, Biomedical Engineering
    Philip E. Bourne headshot
    Philip E. Bourne leads a range of initiatives to encourage and facilitate the use of big data in large-scale research across the scientific and technological disciplines, with special emphasis on structural bioinformatics and systems pharmacology. He is the Founding Dean of the School…

    Kenneth L. Brayman

    Professor of Surgery, Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering Chief, Transplant Division, Department of Surgery
    Dr. Brayman has over thirty years of experience as a surgeon and a leader in research and clinical trials. His work shows his commitment to better outcomes for patients through advanced research in the lab. Dr. Brayman is a member of 60 professional and scientific societies and is a…

    Marc Breton

    Associate Director of Research, Center for Diabetes Technology, School of Medicine Professor, School of Medicine
    Dr. Marc Breton’s research is centered on bringing engineering techniques such as mathematical modeling, simulation, signal processing and automatic control into the field of medicine and clinical practice. Dr. Breton has participated in the design of the first (and to date only)…

    Kory Burns

    Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, starting Summer 2024
    Currently Recruiting
    Kory Burns

    Kory Burns is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering starting Summer 2024. Kory obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from Valdosta State University, an M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering (Nuclear Engineering Program).

    Mete Civelek

    Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering Resident Faculty, Center for Public Health Genomics
    Mete Civelek uses big data analytics to understand the molecular pathways of disease and develops personalized medicine approaches to cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. He is an assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering and a resident faculty at the Center for Public Health…
  • Christopher Deppmann

    Associate Professor of Biology Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Christopher Deppmann Headshot

    Christopher Deppman has been interested in the mechanisms underlying long-distance signaling in the context of nervous system development since he was a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the laboratory of David Ginty (now at Harvard). 

  • Sepideh Dolatshahi

    Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
    Sepideh Dolatshahi headshot
    Research in the Dolatshahi lab combines multiplex experimental measurements with computational methods (including statistical machine learning, network inference, information theory, signal processing and kinetic-dynamic modeling) to solve problems in the context of cancer, infectious…

    Afsaneh Doryab

    Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering Assistant Professor, Computer Science
    Headshot of Afsaneh Doryab

    Afsaneh Doryab's research is at the intersection of ubiquitous computing, AI, HCI, and health. She works on computational modeling of human behavior (incl. Activity Recognition) from data streams collected via mobile, wearable, and embedded sensors. 

    Joshua Earle

    Assistant Professor
    Joshua Earle

    Joshua Earle is a PhD in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) from Virginia Tech. His work focuses on the history of eugenics, and its connection to modern genetic medicine and to future imaginaries of human and more-than-human worlds. His work is situated in Feminist Philosophy of Technology, Disability Studies anBlack Feminist Philosophy.

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