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    Artificial Intelligence

    Computer Science Our department is advancing the state of the art in both fundamental algorithms as well as new algorithms to help users benefit from this revolution and provide new capabilities for the benefit of society.
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    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering We are bridging critical gaps in technical expertise between engineering and medicine to facilitate transformative research and innovation; we are leveraging recent successes in manufacturing of materials and devices for drug delivery and cancer research. We have strengths in autonomous safety, orthopedics and brain health.
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    Biomechanics and Mechanobiology

    Biomedical Engineering Advances in biomechanics are revolutionizing our understanding of fibrotic, orthopedic, and cardiovascular diseases. At UVA, we're providing new strategies for tissue engineering, improving sports medicine and rehabilitation, advancing the goal of targeted drug delivery, and evolving to include the study and treatment of infectious disease.
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    Biomedical Systems and Data Science

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Our interdisciplinary research ranges from designing biomolecular sensors to developing data-intensive approaches for ensuring the safety of medical devices.
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    Biotechnology and Biomolecular Engineering

    Chemical Engineering Chemical engineers employ biotechnology for chromatography research, enhancing techniques to purify biomolecules, eliminate pollutants, facilitate neural tissue regeneration, and advance personalized medicine. They also study cell signaling and behavior.
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    Built Environment

    Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and environmental engineers design, build, and maintain the built environment, i.e., the roads, buildings, drinking water facilities, and other infrastructure systems that serve society.
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    Computer Systems

    Computer Science Our expertise spans architecture, operating systems, and compilers, delving deep into the dynamic worlds of real-time, embedded, and mobile systems.
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    Cyber-Physical and Autonomous Systems

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering We are taking a national leadership role in the area of underwater, ground-based and aerial autonomous systems, bio-inspired systems, robotics, sensing, and autonomous vehicles. We are able to leverage our state-of-the-art facilities in mechatronics rapid prototyping as well as cyber-physical systems and manufacturing with our strong industrial ties.
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    Cyber-Physical System Networks and I.o.T

    Computer Science Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things have been identified by the National Academy of Sciences as national research priorities, critical to educating scientists and engineers for an increasingly cyber-enabled future.
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    Cyber-Physical Systems, Control and Robotics

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Our strengths in adaptive and robust control, assured autonomy, dependable and secure computing, and fluid mechanics lead the way in developing resilient robotic and cyber-physical systems.
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    Devices and Circuits

    Electrical and Computer Engineering We excel in the design of THz devices and circuits, microelectromechanical components, super-conducting materials, and beyond-CMOS electronics.
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    Electrical Magnetic Optical Properties

    Materials Science and Engineering Our research in electrical, magnetic and optical properties of materials makes modern computation and communication possible.