About Our Office

Our goal is to provide excellent service to students, to connect them with the resources they need, and to ensure that all students receive encouragement and support.

The Undergraduate Office staff work with students, faculty, and staff to ensure that all undergraduates in Engineering have the opportunity to excel in pursuit of a degree. 

We support the academic and personal development of our students in a variety of ways: 

  • We provide excellent, friendly, and highly accurate customer service to students with questions about our academic programs and their academic records
  • We manage student records within the Student Information System, with a focus on timeliness and accuracy
  • We advise students (with both academic and personal challenges) with compassion and common sense
  • William Guilford

    Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education 

    As Assistant Dean Will seeks to advance the use of high-impact practices, to inspire students to engage outside the classroom, and to support students in all ways to achieve their goals. He also manages academic policies and approves exceptions.

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  • Lisa Lampe

    Director of Undergraduate Education

    Lisa provides comprehensive student support, including academic coaching, advising, advocacy, and major exploration for students. Lisa excels at identifying potential barriers and strategies through students’ strengths for overcoming them. She cares deeply about students feeling like they have a home in engineering and meeting their full potential. 

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  • Blake Calhoun

    Director of Undergraduate Success in UVA Engineering

    Blake provides comprehensive student support, including academic coaching, assisting students experiencing crises, and serving as an advocate for students. Blake specializes in helping students navigate their UVA experience inside and outside the classroom. If you don’t know who to reach out to with your concern, Blake is a great place to start.

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  • Jesse Rogers

    Engineering Undergraduate Registrar

    Jesse is responsible for maintaining student records and course registration; tracking transfer credits and course equivalency, and oversees degree conferrals. 

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  • Trayc Freeman

    Engineering Undergraduate Office Manager

    Trayc is responsible for coordinating events such as Orientation and Graduation, sending communications to Engineering undergraduate students, first-year major declaration and advisor assignments.

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  • Alex Hall

    Assistant Dean of Students

    Alex Hall provides crisis triage and response, Engineering and University resource referrals, information about University conduct policies, and generalist support for students in distress.  Alex works closely with support services in other areas of Engineering and the University to connect students with the most helpful and relevant support available for their specific needs or concerns. 

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  • Liz Ramirez-Weaver

    LCSW, CAPS Embedded Therapist-UVA Engineering

    Liz provides mental health counseling for stress and anxiety related to personal, academic, and developmental concerns.

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  • Katie Fowler, MA, LPC

    CAPS Embedded Therapist at the School of Engineering

    Katie provides mental health counseling to students at the School of Engineering. Katie desires for students to feel seen and heard and seeks to connect students to resources that may be helpful for them. Katie focuses on providing culturally responsive, evidenced-based counseling to students with a variety of concerns. 

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  • Kaitlin Driver

    Graduate Intern

    Kaitlin oversees the peer tutoring program and serves as an advisor for the Engineering Student Council (ESC). Additionally, she is in charge of putting out our weekly newsletter to all students with different events, opportunities, and resources at UVA and also assists with advising and academic coaching. 

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