Minor in Biomedical Engineering

The 18-credit BME Minor can be combined with any Engineering School or College of Arts and Sciences Major.

Two Required Courses

BME 2101 Physiology I for Engineers

BME 2104 Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers

Four Electives from the Following List

BME 2000 Biomedical Engineering Design and Discovery

BME 2220 Biomechanics

BME 2315 Computational Biomedical Engineering

BME 3030 Design and Innovation in Medicine

BME 3040 - Regulation & Design of Biomedical Products

BME 3240 Biotransport

BME 3310 Biomedical Systems Analysis and Design

BME 3636 Neural Network Models of Cognition and Brain Computation

BME 4280 Motion Biomechanics

BME 4290 Stem Cell Engineering

BME 4315 Systems Bioengineering

BME 4350 Biomedical Engineering Data Science

BME 4360 Molecular Data Science

BME 4370 Quantitative Biological Reasoning

BME 4380 - Microbial Biomedical Engineering

BME 4390 - Bioreaction Kinetics: Biomedical & Pharmacological Perspectives

BME 4414 Biomaterials

BME 4417 Tissue Engineering

BME 4550 Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering

BME 4550 Special Topics: Mechanobiology

BME 4641 Bioelectricity

BME 4783 Medical Imaging Modalities

Prerequisite: BME 2315, BME 3310, or instructor permission

BME 4806 Biomedical Applications of Genetic Engineering

BME 4890 Nanomedicine

One Elective May be Chosen From

BME 2102 Physiology II

BIOL 3010 Genetics and Molecular Biology

BIOL 3090 Biology of Infectious Diseases

BIOL 4170 Cellular Neurobiology

BIOL 4650 Molecular Biology of Human Disease

BIOL 5010 Biochemistry

These Courses Will Not Apply

BME 3080, 3090, 4063, 4064, 4995, 4999