Systems engineering exposes students to a wide range of topics within the field, including the economic, environmental, managerial, technical, and political aspects of large-scale systems design and implementation. 

A student in the Human Systems Engineering Lab seated at a computer, holding a medication bottle

Our flexible academic curricula and hands-on research opportunities prepare our undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in a multitude of disciplines.

Our Systems Engineering program places our graduates squarely at the center of the data revolution. It equips them with technical skills in areas like data science, visualization, optimization, and business analytics that are critical to decision-making, as well as the leadership and communications skills to direct efforts to design and improve large-scale systems. Through class projects, internships and their fourth-year capstone projects, our undergraduate students gain a real-world, team-based experience applying these skills in such areas as cloud computing and machine learning, unmanned aerial systems and online advertising. As a result, they are in high demand by leading corporations as well as start-ups in fields like consulting, finance, and systems integration.

Our Programs

  • Undergraduate Program

    We offer a bachelor of science degree and a minor in systems engineering.

  • Graduate Programs

    We offer M.E., M.S., and Ph.D. programs in systems engineering, as well as an online M.E. through the Virginia Engineering Online Program.