Information and Intelligent Automation

Exploring intelligent, automated technology and method development and innovative ways these intelligent systems can improve society.

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We create or improve technologies that allow small - and large-scale systems — from autonomous vehicles to financial markets — to recover from adverse events such as component failures, unexpected conditions or cyber attacks.

Research interests in this area include cyber resilience, risk and vulnerability modeling and analysis, model-based systems engineering, design and operational test and evaluation of systems.

Information and Intelligent Automation Faculty

Lu Feng

Associate Professor, Computer Science, Systems & Information Engineering
Lu Feng is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. She is also a member of the Link Lab - the center of research excellence in Cyber-Physical Systems. Her research focuses on assuring the safety and trustworthiness of cyber-physical systems, with applications…

Tariq Iqbal

Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering, Computer Science
My research focuses on building robotic systems that can fluently coordinate and collaborate with people in complex human environments - for example, in a factory setting in close proximity with people. In order to successfully act within a group, a robot must be able to perceive and predict the…

James H. Lambert

Janet Scott Hamilton and John Downman Hamilton Professor Director, Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems Director, UVA Site of the NSF Center for Hardware and Embedded Systems Security & Trust Professor of Systems & Information Engineering Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Professor Lambert is the Janet Scott Hamilton and John Downman Hamilton Professor, and a Professor in the Department of Systems & Information Engineering and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. He is the Director of the Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems and a Site…

Julianne Quinn

Assistant Professor

Quinn's research focuses on optimization and simulation methods used to inform the design and management of water resources systems with the goals of protecting people from nature (floods and droughts), and nature from people (pollution and consumption). She is interested in how advanced sensing and forecasting techniques inform this optimization.

William T. Scherer

Chair, Department of Systems and Information Engineering Editor-in-Chief Systems Director, Accelerated Masters Degree Program (AMP)

William T. Scherer is a super expert in systems engineering, stochastic control, and business analytics. Professor Scherer has served on the University of Virginia Systems Engineering Program faculty since 1986. He also consults with numerous organizations on the topics of systems thinking and business analytics applied to disparate organizations.