Operations Research and Analytics

Advancing the design of complex systems to ensure safe, effective and reliable performance.

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Design, prototype, test, break, improve. That’s the tried-and-true engineering model — for things like cars and planes. But some systems are so big and complex — a series of interdependent hydroelectric dams or miles of highway full of fast-moving autonomous cars, for example — that prototypes are not practical or cost effective. Typical challenges our Operations Research and Analytics researchers take on involve systems within systems that must work together seamlessly. Our researchers use the latest tools in systems modeling and data analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, optimization, stochastic processes, and discrete-event and agent-based simulation.

Our faculty are experts in developing tools that simulate real-world infrastructure or applications to understand how component parts integrate to perform as a whole, as well as how to analyze and continually improve performance in real time once a system is operational. Working with such partners as the Port of Virginia and the Department of Defense, our faculty discover innovative ways to improve the structures of society that profoundly affect our economic and social well-being, from the manufacture and distribution of goods and services to national security.

Operations Research and Analytics Faculty

Negin Alemazkoor

Assistant Professor
The overarching objective of my research is to develop sensing and computing methodologies for fast and reliable analysis of smart and interconnected infrastructure systems under uncertainty. My research is inherently multi-disciplinary and aims to advance reliability and resilience of…
Qing Chang’s current research interests include math-based and data-enabled modeling and analysis of dynamic manufacturing systems, improving manufacturing efficiency and sustainability through adaptive control and machine learning-based methods, and driving innovation in human-robot collaborations…

Seokhyun Chung

Assistant Professor
My research focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled systems, where multiple entities/units (e.g., vehicles, wearable devices, etc.) collect data and collaborate to establish enhanced smart analytics based on their connectivity. I enjoy exploring data-driven methods such as federated learning…

Roman Krzysztofowicz

Professor of Systems Engineering Professor of Statistics in College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Krzysztofowicz joined the U.Va. faculty in 1982, after he had held faculty posts at the University of Arizona and MIT. He develops theories and models for probabilistic forecasting and optimal decision making under uncertainty. His Bayesian Forecast-Decision Theory offers a unified framework for…

James H. Lambert

Janet Scott Hamilton and John Downman Hamilton Professor Director, Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems Director, UVA Site of the NSF Center for Hardware and Embedded Systems Security & Trust Professor of Systems & Information Engineering Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Professor Lambert is the Janet Scott Hamilton and John Downman Hamilton Professor, and a Professor in the Department of Systems & Information Engineering and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. He is the Director of the Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems and a Site…

Henning S. Mortveit

Associate Professor

Henning Mortveit is an associate professor in the Biocomplexity Institute Initiative. He received his doctorate in mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2000. Before joining ESE he held positions at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and at Virginia Tech.

B. Brian Park

Professor Director, Traffic Operations Laboratory

Brian Park is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia. Prior to joining UVA, he was a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Statistical Sciences and a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at NC State University,

Michael D. Porter

Associate Professor
Michael D. Porter is an Associate Professor of Systems Engineering with a joint appointment at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Dr. Porter's research focuses on event prediction, pattern and anomaly detection, and data linkage. He has developed self-exciting point process…

Julianne Quinn

Assistant Professor

Quinn's research focuses on optimization and simulation methods used to inform the design and management of water resources systems with the goals of protecting people from nature (floods and droughts), and nature from people (pollution and consumption). She is interested in how advanced sensing and forecasting techniques inform this optimization.

William T. Scherer

Chair, Department of Systems and Information Engineering Editor-in-Chief Systems Director, Accelerated Masters Degree Program (AMP)

William T. Scherer is a super expert in systems engineering, stochastic control, and business analytics. Professor Scherer has served on the University of Virginia Systems Engineering Program faculty since 1986. He also consults with numerous organizations on the topics of systems thinking and business analytics applied to disparate organizations.