Cancer is a multiscale disease of biomolecules, cells, and tissues—engineering approaches provide biomedical insights, diagnoses, and therapies that will ultimately benefit cancer patients.

BME Primary Faculty in this Area

BME Joint Faculty in Cancer Applications

  • Mark Kester, PhD

    Professor of Pharmacology, NanoSTAR Director

    Developing innovative nanotechnologies for targeted drug delivery in cancer and cardiovascular diseases; pioneered the use of sphingolipids as therapeutics.

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  • Nathan Sheffield, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

    Using computation to ask and answer biological questions, specifically how DNA encodes regulatory networks that enable cellular differentiation?

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  • Mark Williams, PhD

    Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging

    Novel medical imaging systems to be used for early detection and characterization of disease, and for guiding and assessing therapy.

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  • Chongzhi Zang, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

    Algorithm development for high-throughput genomic data analytics and integrative modeling of gene regulatory networks in mammalian cell systems.

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Sepideh Dolatshahi, Ph.D.

Our newest assistant professor on why UVA is a great place to start a lab focused on systems immunology.