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We prepare students to engineer ambitiously.

We offer students real-world experience and industry connections to engineer for the cyber future and create more durable, sustainable technologies for human creativity and communication. We believe that good design is inspired by how humans think about and interact with technology. We present electrical and computer engineering as an integrated tool-kit that students can use to design hardware for AI and chips for edge computing, develop next-generation photovoltaic cells, improve medical imaging, and increase the security and performance of wireless communications.

Our graduates have joined leading high-tech and semiconductor firms including Amazon, Apple, IBM and Intel Corporation; advanced manufacturers such as Ford, Boeing and SpaceX; and gold-standard consulting firms such as Booz Allen, earning a median entry-level annual salary of $78,000. Others have earned admission to prestigious graduate schools, including the California Institute of Technology, Stanford, Princeton and MIT, in addition to our own graduate programs here at UVA.

Meet Caroline Crockett, UVA ECE's New Faculty Member

Caroline Crockett bio photo

UVA ECE welcomes new faculty member Caroline Crockett, who brings engineering education research and electrical engineering expertise to the Department’s teaching faculty. Crockett earned her Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan in May 2022. It’s a homecoming for Crockett, who earned her Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from UVA in 2015. Read more.

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