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Our faculty are not content to trod well-worn engineering paths. Instead, they are driven to pursue innovations in teaching, research that address truly complex challenges, and to pursue worldwide leadership roles in their fields.


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  • Ma, Lin

    Professor, MAE Graduate Program Director

    4D Diagnostics & Thermal-Fluids​ Development of novel diagnostics with 4D spatiotemporal resolution to study combustion, propulsion and fluid dynamics

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  • Ma, Hui

    Lecturer of Applied Mathematics

    Hui Ma, a native of China, received her Ph.D. in Applied mathematics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2012. Before joining UVA, she worked as an assistant professor at Black Hills State University for two years. In her current role at the applied mathematics Program, she teaches...

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  • Mahmoody, Mohammad

    Assistant Professor

    Mahmoody started his undergraduate studies in Sharif University's computer Engineering department in 2000. He started his PhD in Princeton in 2005 and after that in 2010 joined Cornell as a postdoctoral associate. In 2013 he joined University of Virginia as an assistant professor. In 2014 he...

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  • Marshall, P. Paxton

    Professor Emeritus

    Paxton Marshall received the B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1966, an M.A. in History from the University of Maryland in 1972, the Ph.D. in Education from the University of Chicago in 1979, and the M.E. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia...

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  • Martin, Worthy

    Associate Professor of Computer Science, Acting Director, Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

    I began my career in "dynamic scene analysis", a subarea of computer vision and image processing. In the last several years I have been associated with "digital humanities" scholars at UVa and elsewhere in a wide variety of projects in archaeology, literary studies, history, endangered languages...

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  • McDaniel, James C.


    Professor McDaniel received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia (1971), MS degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics (1977) and in Electrical Engineering (1980) and PhD degree (1981) in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. From 1971 to 1976 he served...

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  • McDonnell, Stephen J.

    Assistant Professor

    Stephen McDonnell’s current research focuses on understanding how 2D materials, such as the transition metal dichalcogenide family, interface with other materials in electronic devices. Interfaces play a critical role in the performance of electronic devices. As such, understanding the bonding...

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  • Meyer, Craig H.

    Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging

    Developing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques for rapid acquisition and processing of image data in the setting of cardiovascular disease, neural diseases, and pediatrics, using tools in physics, signal processing, image reconstruction, and machine learning.

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  • Miller, G. Wilson

    Associate Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering

    The development of new pulse-sequence techniques, contrast mechanisms, and hardware for magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the lung and MR-guided focused ultrasound of the brain. See Research Projects List below.

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  • Miller, Clint

    Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

    Clint Miller is an Assistant Professor in Public Health Sciences and a resident member of the Center for Public Health Genomics. He is also a member of the Data Science Institute, Robert Berne Cardiovascular Institute, and holds secondary appointments in Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry...

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