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Our faculty are not content to trod well-worn engineering paths. Instead, they are driven to pursue innovations in teaching, research that address truly complex challenges, and to pursue worldwide leadership roles in their fields.


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  • Salerno, Michael

    Associate Professor of Medicine, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering

    After receiving his BS in biological engineering from Cornell University, Dr. Salerno came to UVA to pursue his MD degree and PhD in Biomedical Engineering as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program. He then completed the American Board of Internal Medicine Research Pathway completing his...

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  • Salzar, Robert S.

    Associate Research Professor

    Dr. Salzar has over 25 years of experience in the field of engineering mechanics, with the last 13 years focusing on injury biomechanics. After a two year post-doctoral NRC appointment with the NASA-Glenn Research Center researching advanced aerospace composite materials, Dr. Salzar won...

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  • Saucerman, Jeffrey

    Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

    Our lab combines computational modeling and high-throughput experiments to discover molecular networks and drugs that control cardiac remodeling and regeneration. Our experimental approaches include high-throughput microscopy and -omic profiling of primary and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC...

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  • Scherer, William T.

    Professor, Director, Accelerated Masters Degree Program (AMP), Associate Chair ESE, Academic Programs

    William T. Scherer is an expert in systems engineering, stochastic control, and business analytics. Professor Scherer has served on the University of Virginia Department of Systems and Information Engineering faculty since 1986. He also consults with numerous organizations on the topics of...

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  • Schnipke, Rita Jane

    Assistant Professor

    After receiving my PhD at UVA, I worked with a venture capitalist to start an engineering software business. After the venture capitalist sold that company to Ansys Inc, I started another engineering software business (Blue Ridge Numerics Inc) with a business partner. That company grew to 100...

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  • Scully, John R.

    Department Chair, Charles Henderson Chaired Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Co-Director of Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering

    My primary research interest is to understand the relationships between a material's structure and composition and properties related to environmental degradation. The properties of focused interest and activity are those associated with hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking,...

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  • Seabrook, Bryn Elizabeth

    Assistant Professor in Science, Technology, and Society

    Bryn Seabrook received her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Science and Environment with a minor in Vocal Performance in 2012, a Master of Science in Science and Technology Studies in 2014, and Doctor of Philosophy in Science and Technology Studies in 2016, all from Virginia Polytechnic Institute...

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  • Sheehan, Jason

    Professor of Neurological Surgery, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Neuroscience, UVa Gamma Knife Center Co-Director, Riverside-UVa Gamma Knife Co-Director

    Jason Sheehan received his BS, MS, PhD and MD from the University of Virginia. His BS is in Chemical Engineering with the highest honors awarded from the School of Engineering. He performed fellowships at Auckland University and the University of Pittsburgh.

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  • Sheffield, Nathan

    Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

    Dr. Sheffield grew up in California, but lived in many places in the US and abroad. He appreciates cultural diversity and spent much of his adult life living in Europe. As an undergraduate, he studied Bioinformatics and conducted research in phylogenetic systematics and population genetics with...

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  • Shen, Cong

    Assistant Professor

    Cong Shen received his B.S. and M.S. degrees, in 2002 and 2004 respectively, from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, China. He obtained the Ph.D. degree from the Electrical Engineering Department, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), in 2009. Prior to joining...

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