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Our faculty are not content to trod well-worn engineering paths. Instead, they are driven to pursue innovations in teaching, research that address truly complex challenges, and to pursue worldwide leadership roles in their fields.


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  • Sullivan, Kevin

    Associate Professor, Computer Science

    Research interests include:

    Human Factors, Cybersecurity, Human Machine Interface, Software Engineering

    Kevin Sullivan obtained his background in computer science from Tufts University (1987), working most closely with David Krumme, and in graduate school at...

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  • Sun, Yixin

    Anita Jones Career Enhancement Assistant Professor, Computer Science (Beginning January 2020), Electrical and Computer Engineering (Beginning January 2020)

    Research interests include:

    Network Security and Privacy, Routing Security, Anonymity Systems, Network Attacks and Defenses

    I am broadly interested in network security and privacy. I will be joining the Department of Computer Science in January 2020 as...

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  • Sun, Tao

    Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

    Research: Our team currently studies additive manufacturing (AM) processes and materials using synchrotron x-ray and other in situ/ex situ characterization tools. We are interested in developing advanced alloy/composite systems and building innovative architecture using laser-...

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  • Swami, Nathan


    Nathan Swami is a Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. His group seeks to develop electrically functional microfluidic devices and instrumentation for label-free manipulation, sorting and cytometry of biosystems, for applications...

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