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The talented students who study engineering at the University of Virginia have their eyes opened to the many opportunities they will have to help create a better world.

Engineers will drive the future, from manufacturing human organs to solving the world's energy challenges to developing new, connected devices that have more speed and capability than anything we can imagine now.

At UVA Engineering, our students begin working on such real-world challenges from their first year, with guidance from faculty members who are renowned in their fields. Experiential learning, lab work and research experiences are hallmarks of our undergraduate program. One hundred percent of our undergraduate students complete a major research project that must demonstrate analysis and judgment.


Elise Poerschke

"I chose UVA because of its emphasis on more than just technical skills. It was important to me to get a well-rounded education that would also give me the communication and critical thinking skills needed to excel. Engineering solutions in the real world require thinking about geopolitical concerns, societal impacts and cost."

Elise Poerschke, Class of 2015, Engineering Science major with a concentration in Materials Science & Engineering, now employed at GE Aviation


Our engineering students are highly valued members of a comprehensive University that offers one of the world’s most iconic undergraduate experiences, with opportunities to pursue studies in many other areas of interest, including business, entrepreneurship and liberal arts. Student organizations within UVA Engineering and across the University inspire service and leadership. UVA's tradition of welcoming international students, providing study abroad opportunities and hosting cultural experiences give our students a strong sense of global awareness and responsibility.

Nearly 200 years after it was founded, UVA stands as a center for ingenuity, exchange of ideas and service to the common good. Because of this, UVA Engineering students are highly sought-after by the many companies, governmental agencies and national research labs that visit Grounds to recruit for internships and jobs. Our students also are extremely competitive in applications for top graduate schools.

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From precision medical treatments to systems that thwart cyber attacks and manage climate change, here at UVA, we're engineering a future way of life.