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About LASP

Our team studies the interaction of energetic particles (ions, electrons) and photons with solid surfaces, with a  particular emphasis on understanding the physical and chemical processes at play in our solar system and interstellar medium. Our goals are to understand the mechanisms leading to changes in remotely observed optical signatures (spectral reflectance or mass spectroscopy) by investigations of electronic excitations and how these excitations evolve and lead to the emission of light (luminescence), electrons, radiation, atoms and molecules (sputtering and photodesorption) and to radiation damage, chemical changes, surface charge or heat.

Current Projects

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Selected Publications

  • Space Weathering Effects in Troilite by Simulated Solar-Wind Hydrogen and Helium Ion IrradiationABS Christoph, J. M., Minesinger, G. M., Bu, C., Dukes, C. A., and Elkins-Tanton, L. T., J.,Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 127, e2021JE006916 (2022)
  • 2p excitation in target atoms in the interaction of slow ions with Al surfacesABS P. Riccardi & C.A. Dukes, Surface Science 719, 122025 (2022)
  • Characterizing Spectral, Microstructural, and Chemical Effects of Solar- Wind Irradiation on Carbon-Rich Asteroids: Coordinated Analysis of H+ and He+-irradiated Murchison Carbonaceous ChondriteABS D. Laczniak, Thompson, M., Christoffersen, R., Dukes, C. A., Clemett, S., Morris, R., & Keller, L., Icarus 364, 114479, (2021)

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