Our Mission:

We, the faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), strive to sustain a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive learning environment, aligned with UVA Engineering’s core value of excellence through diversity. Our committee’s mission is to create a better student experience, enhance faculty and staff careers, and enliven our department culture. To advance this mission, we resolve to implement a proactive diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that elevates awareness and accountability for the entire MSE department.

  • MSE Chair's Message on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    We in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are outraged by systemic violence and continual injustices against African Americans that have occurred for centuries in this country. We vow to take concrete actions to make our department a welcoming, safe place where everyone can flourish. We will learn to become better allies to Black faculty, staff, students and alumni. But we must go much further. We must embrace change and continue improvement every day of the year. It is not enough for words and statements, or isolated acts of thoughtfulness; it is time for persistent and sustained actions supported by individuals and institutions alike.

    Read Professor Scully's full message
  • Meet the MSE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

    The MSE DEI Committee is here to help make MSE a welcoming and inclusive environment.  If you have concerns or ideas you would like to share, please reach out to any member of the committee.  If you would like to report an incident, please contact any committee member or UVA Just Report It.

    Committee Members:


    • David Green, Co-Chair

     Associate Professor


    • Beth Opila, Co-Chair

               Professor, Associate Chair for Academics


    • Jim Fitz-Gerald

               Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs


    • Ji Ma

               Assistant Professor


    • Giovanni Zangari

               Professor, Director of Graduate Programs



    • Bryana Amador

               Senior Administrative Assistant


    • Claire Culver

               Undergraduate Student Coordinator



    • Utibe-Eno Charles-Granville

               Graduate Student


    • Niquana Smith

               Graduate Student



  • Meet MSE SEAD - Students Establishing an Anti-Racist Department

    SEAD page under construction ... stay tuned!

  • Goals

    MSE DEI Goals coming soon! Stay tuned!

"I find the MSE faculty and students engaging and personable. Although people are busy - they care about each other. And will take the time to help each other succeed. I truly believe everyone is given chance(s) to succeed. I know we are actively working on diversity through recruiting and retention initiatives. "

MSE Student

"We aspire to expand access to high-quality education and purposeful careers in materials science and engineering. Our goals are to (a) embrace allyship, (b) redouble student recruitment to enrich our community, (c) provide a safe environment for change, (d) institutionalize mechanisms that allow folks to give voice to their experience while (e) not requiring those already paying the price of systemic racism to be tasked with providing corrective measures."

John Scully, MSE Department Chair