Cutting Edge Cyber Physical Systems Research

The lab hosts a unique, collaborative cohort of researchers dedicated to solving the most critical problems at the intersection of the cyber and physical worlds. It is committed to cross-cutting research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries in order to make fundamental contributions to technology and engineering that are grounded in and applied to real world problems to benefit the greater good.

  • Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

    Link Lab faculty members are developing the systems that will make previously human-dominated tasks effective and efficient. This includes mobile, wireless communication for autonomous cars; interfaces that allow driverless cars to keep riders informed of what the cars are doing so riders will feel safe and secure, and LED light-wave-enabled Internet connectivity for navigation in places where GPS or WiFi are not available.

    Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics
  • Smart and Connected Health

    Many of the Grand Challenges the National Academy of Engineering identifies for humanity in the 21st Centry involve advancing health care. Link Lab researchers are bringing the power of UVA's co-located schools of engineering and medicine to bear, with such projects as robotic systems that help surgeons perform safer, more precise procedures; programs to train future generations of technologically proficient surgeons; and sensors, wearable monitors and other systems to help with home care for the elderly and patients with such conditions as dementia, Alzheimer's and diabetes.

    Smart and Connected Health
  • Smart Cities

    Communities of the future will have access to data and technologies that will allow them to manage their services and infrastructure and provide a better quality of life for citizens. Link Lab faculty are working on such projects as smart storm water management for coastal communities dealing with rising tides; the implications of driverless cars for pedestrians and roadways; and sensing systems to detect infrastructure deterioration such as in bridges.

    Smart Cities