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Fully online, professional Master's Degrees in Engineering

Earn your professional Master of Engineering degree online from the University of Virginia – one of the top-ranked universities in the nation. We’ve been delivering accredited engineering courses to students electronically for over 35 years, making their dreams of professional advancement possible even while they maintain a demanding career.

Ready to start your degree but don’t want to take the GRE exam?
Most of our degree programs no longer require the GRE! For those that do, the GRE requirement can be waived! Check our Get Started page for full details.

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We Offer Master of Engineering Degrees in:

Chemical Engineering (top ranked by bestcollegereviews.org, bestcollegevalues.com, guidetoonlineschools.com, and onlineu.org)
Civil Engineering (top ranked by bestcollegereviews.org and bestcolleges.com)
Electrical Engineering (top ranked by bestcollegereviews.org, bestcolleges.com, and onlineu.org)
Materials Science and Engineering (top ranked by onlineu.org)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (top ranked by bestcollegevalues.com and onlineu.org)
Systems Engineering (top ranked by onlineu.org)