• Connected Vehicle (CV) Pooled Fund Study (PFS)

    This website provides complete information about the CV PFS, current and past projects, access to products of the CV PFS that support the IOO community in CV deployment and operations, and current participation opportunities for IOOs, the private sector,

    The Connected Vehicle (CV) Pooled Fund Study (PFS) is a research and development program to support state and local transportation infrastructure owner operators (IOOs) in preparing for the effective deployment and operation of connected vehicle systems infrastructure and applications.  The CV PFS operates as part of the Federal Highway Administration’s Transportation Pooled Fund program (, with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) as the lead agency. Supporting VDOT, the University of Virginia Center for Transportation Studies serves as the administrative and technical lead of the CV PFS.   

  • Our History and Leadership Team

    Our mission is to establish a multi-phase program to facilitate research, field demonstration, deployment and evaluation of connected vehicle infrastructure, vehicles and applications, in order to aid transportation agencies and OEMs in justifying and promoting the large scale use of connected vehicle environments and applications through modeling, development, engineering, and planning activities.

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  • Membership

    Core Members are representatives from federal, state, local, and international transportation agencies that contribute funding to the study. Core Members have the decision-making authority for the Pooled Fund Study activities, and they are primary stakeholders. 

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  • Projects

    The University of Virginia Center for Transportation Studies (UVA CTS) supports the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the lead state of the CV PFS, in providing technical and administrative leadership to conduct projects as directed by PFS members. 

    Current Research and Past Projects
  • Meetings

    Members, Project Panels, and the Leadership Team meet at various dates and times throughout each month to discuss project details, administrative tasks, relevant news in the CAV economy, and upcoming events. These meetings are mostly public, with admittance from the host once verified. Some portions of meetings are clearly noted "for-members only."

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  • Resources

    A library of useful content, recommended tools and guidance documents, resources, links, articles, or any other information that is relevant to the CAV community. 

    The MAP Guidance Document - Revision #2 (June 2023)MAP Guidance Document – Revision #1 (June 2022) and Connected Intersections Guidance Documents and Fact Sheets are available for wide public use. 

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