Graduate Certificate in Cyber-Physical Systems

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Cyber-Physical Systems

Description of Certificate

The graduate certificate in cyber-physical systems (CPS) is designed to recognize the acquisition of CPS knowledge and skills through the completion of targeted courses. The graduate certificate in CPS is available to current graduate students in UVA's School of Engineering and Applied Science and will be awarded at the time of degree conferral.

Outcome Benefits for Students

  • Acquire CPS skills through targeted coursework
  • Students will:
    • Receive a physical certificate
    • Receive official recognition of CPS training on transcript
    • Be able to include the details of the certificate on a resume or CV

Program Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber-Physical Systems requires 15 credit hours of graduate level courses as outlined below.

Required Core Course: 3 credits

All students will take the following:

CPS1: Cyber-Physical Systems Technology and Ethics (3 credits) CS 6780 / CE 6780 / SYS 6780 / MAE 6780 / ENGR 6780 / ECE 6501

(Previously listed under CPS1: Communication, Test-Beds & Policy (3 credits) - ENGR 6559 / CE 6500 / CS 6501 / MAE 6592 / SYS 6581)

Required Cyber-Physical Systems Courses: 6 credits

All students will select two of the following courses:

CPS2: Advanced Embedded Systems (3 credits) - ECE 6501 / CS 6501

CPS3: Signal Processing, Machine Learning, and Control (3 credits) - CS 6762 (previously listed under CS 6501)

CPS4: Dynamical Systems (3 credits) - MAE 6592 / CE 6500

CPS5: Formal Methods, Safety, and Security (3 credits) - CS 6763 / SYS 6763 (previously listed under CS 6501 / SYS 6582)

Restricted Electives: 6 credits

All students will select two courses from a list of APPROVED IN-DEPTH CPS COURSES (list updated each semester)

Admission Requirements

All students must apply to the certificate program. The following admissions requirements will apply to all applicants:

  • Admission to graduate or doctoral degree program in the School of Engineering and Applied Science; and