Lab Updates

  • Computer Science Professor Wins Best Paper Award at Symposium on Edge Computing

    Associate professor of computer science Felix Xiaozhu Lin and his co-author, Hongyu Miao, a former Ph.D. advisee at Purdue University, won the best paper award at the Seventh ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing in Seattle last month.
    Lin and Miao's paper, “Towards Out-of-core Neural Networks on Microcontrollers,” addresses constraints imposed by memory size on microcontroller units to run large neural networks. The team demonstrated a technique to enable microcontroller units to run large neural networks with acceptable cost-benefit tradeoffs.

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  • Venkataraman Lakshmi Named President-Elect of the Hydrology Section of The American Geophysical Union

    Venkataraman “Venkat” Lakshmi, John L. Newcomb Professor in the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, has been appointed an OFFICER OF THE AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION. Lakshmi will serve as president-elect of the Hydrology section for a two-year term starting January 1, 2023.The American Geophysical Union, known as AGU, is a non-profit with a mission to "support and inspire a global community of individuals and organizations interested in advancing discovery in Earth and space sciences and its benefit for humanity and the environment," according to its WEBSITE.

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  • Barry Johnson Pursues Passion for Technology Innovation in New National Science Foundation Directorate

    Barry Johnson is taking on the challenge of accelerating the transitioning of technology from basic research into commercial markets.Johnson, the L.A. Lacy Distinguished Professor of electrical and computer engineering, brings a wealth of experience in industry and startups as well as building public and private partnerships to his two-year appointment as director of the National Science Foundation's Division of Translational Impacts. The Division provides pathways for researchers, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to move their ideas from the laboratory to the market and society.

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  • Collaboration Takes Center Stage at Computer Science Grad Student Group Research Symposium

    Once a year, the Computer Science Graduate Student Group comes together to share research and generally get to know each other. In a big, diverse department the CSGSG Research Symposium is an opportunity to network, exchange ideas and deepen the department's sense of community.

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  • Computer Science Graduate Student Group 2022 Research Symposium Poster Awards

    The Computer Science Graduate Student Group held the 2022 Research Symposium Monday, Oct. 3, in Rice Hall. The event included keynote speakers, faculty talks, and two poster sessions in which nearly 30 students presented their research. Awards were given in the categories below.
    Congratulations to the winners!
    Best Poster Session 1 Stephanie Schoch
    Best Poster Session 2 Josie Lamp
    Best Poster, New Students Muhammad Shoaib
    Most Promising Research Trey Woodlief
    Best Poster Presentation Ingy ElSayed-Aly

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  • $5 Million NSF Grant Will Create Coastal Futures Hub to Engage Urban Communities in Combating Climate Change

    The University of Virginia and Norfolk State University have been awarded a $5 million grant as part of the National Science Foundation's Coastlines and People Hubs for Research and Broadening Participation, or CoPe. A central aim of the NSF-funded program is to build collaboration between researchers and coastal area residents in tackling effects of climate change.Under the grant, researchers will create a UVA-led coastal futures hub to support urban areas in and around Norfolk, Va.

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  • Young Women from Area High Schools Tackle Patient Care Design Challenge

    UVA's School of Engineering, School of Education and Robertson Media Studio partnered with Charlottesville Women in Tech to conduct the 9th annual bio-med tech-girls program.The University of Virginia welcomed 13 young women from six area high schools to the 9th annual Bio-Med Tech-Girls program, August 8-12 on UVA Grounds. The students tackled patient care design challenges focused on autism and diabetes through an intensive learning experience involving robotics, computer science, biomedical engineering and computer-aided design.

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  • Sirat Samyoun Recognized for Outstanding Research in Smart and Connected Health Systems

    Sirat Samyoun, a computer science Ph.D. candidate who earned his master's in computer science from UVA this May, was recipient of the Link Lab Outstanding Graduate Research Student Award. The award recognizes Sirat's work to advance smart devices for healthcare.His research is creating new technology for the next-generation of smart watches that will be capable of providing cognitive, in-home assistance to patients with certain medical conditions, like stroke or arthritis.

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  • Vaibhav Verma Earns Link Lab Outstanding Graduate Research Award

    Verma earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering, specializing in hardware for artificial intelligence and the internet of things.Verma conducted his research in the High-Performance Low-Power Lab led by Mircea Stan, Virginia Microelectronics Consortium Professor, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and faculty member of the Link Lab, UVA Engineering's world-class center of excellence in cyber-physical systems.

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  • Computer Science Graduate Student Group Research Symposium

    The Computer Science Graduate Student Group hosted a research symposium on Wednesday, Dec. 8.

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