Ready to take classes? Seeking a degree? Interested in the GRE waiver?

Option 1: Take a class with us!

  1. Complete a Non-Degree/Visiting Student Account Request Form.
  2. Receive instructor approval to be enrolled and email confirmation of your new student account.
  3. Fully activate your account and complete your class registration. 


Option 2: Start your degree!

  1. Complete an Application to one of our VEO degree programs.
  2. Receive and accept an offer of admission.
  3. Register for class with your new academic advisor.


  GRE waiver:

  1. Complete 3 of our classes as a non-degree student, earning a B- or better and a cumulative GPA of 3.1 greater.
  2. The GRE requirement will be waived once you apply.

*** Full details on taking classes, applying, and the GRE waiver can be found here.