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UVA BME Research

Our department is characterized by a tight, interrelated group of strengths in data sciences, imaging, regenerative medicine and biomechanics. This collaborative culture is reinforced by our co-location with the School of Medicine, making it easier to partner with physicians and basic scientists to address unmet clinical needs and engage in discovery science.

Biomedical Imaging

Clinical, basic-science, and engineering trainees gain depth and breadth through immersion in UVA's multidisciplinary imaging research ecosystem.


Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

An ambitious vision grounded in our bench-to-bedside research pipeline, synergies with systems biology, and major institutional investments.


Drug and Gene Delivery

The combination of targeted drug and gene delivery, molecular imaging and systems biology provides a strong interdisciplinary foundation.

UVA-Coulter Partnership

One of just 16 universities nationwide selected as a Coulter Translational Partner in Biomedical Engineering.

Biomedical Application Areas

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