Drug and Gene Delivery

UVA is widely recognized for its strengths in biopanning for novel peptide ligands in vivo, as well as using peptides and antibodies to target the delivery of microbubbles, liposomes and genes in the settings of cancer, cardiovascular and infectious disease.The combination of targeted drug and gene delivery with molecular imaging and systems biology provides a strong interdisciplinary foundation for the development and testing of novel targeted pharmaceuticals, as well as the revival and re-purposing of known small-molecule drugs with off-target effects that can now be corrected by targeted delivery.

BME Primary Faculty in this Area

Joint Faculty in Drug and Gene Delivery

  • Kyle Lampe, PhD

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

    Biomaterials for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery within the central nervous system, developing both synthetic polymers and recombinant engineered proteins.

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  • Alexander (Sasha) Klibanov, PhD

    Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

    Pre-clinical research in the field of targeted imaging and drug delivery. Preparing and analyzing ultrasound contrast materials, attach targeting ligands (antibodies, peptides) and plasmid DNA to their surface for targeting and ultrasound-enhanced...

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