Computer Science Events

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  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Doctoral Dissertation Proposal for Tianhui Zhu

    Location: Online

    Thermoelectric Transport in Two Dimensions 

    ABSTRACT: As the modern electronics shrink towards nanoscale, the device performance becomes limited by the increasing dissipated power density. Proper thermal management is a major challenge in device designs. Thermoelectric devices can pump heat using electrical energy and can be used to cool the chips. They are also used to convert thermal energy into electrical energy, and hence can be used to recycle industrial and residential waste heat into electric power.

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  • Materials Science and Engineering

    NAS Webinar on the Nation's Nanotechnology Initiative

    Location: Zoom Webinar

    Haydn Wadley, University of Virginia and Edgar Starke Professor of materials science and engineering and vice-chair of a National Academies’ congressionally mandated review of the Nation’s Nanotechnology Initiative, invites you to learn about their findings during a Zoom webinar on June 9, from 1

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  • Link Lab 2020 Research Day

    Location: Abbott Center at Darden School

    Cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of the internet of things, connected health, and smart buildings are providing an opportunity to rethink our relationship with wellness at home and work.

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