The computer science department at the University of Virginia offers quality programs that emphasize basic science, technical mastery, research opportunities and a firm grasp of scientific principles as well as strong communication skills and creative problem solving.

Students walking in front of Rice Hall

Our excellent students work with highly motivated faculty on current and important problems. They receive great mentorship and individual attention, due in part to a smaller student/faculty ratio than other leading schools. Our department takes pride in its uniquely collegial culture of collaboration and cooperation, treating our graduate students as colleagues and partners in research. We have a commitment to excellence in instruction, with a world-class undergraduate curriculum that has been adopted by many departments around the country.

Our Programs

  • Undergraduate Programs

    We offer bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees in computer science, as well as a minor.

  • Graduate Programs

    We offer M.C.S., M.s., and Ph.D. programs.

Our department takes teaching seriously and takes pride in doing it well, at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

David Evans headshot photo David Evans Professor, Computer Science