Student Clubs and Groups

Association for Computing Machinery
Contacts: Marina Sanusi-, Sanjana Mendu-
Faculty Sponsor: Mark Floryan
Who? Undergrads
When? As needed twice per month
Special Events: Academic, professional, and social events such as game nights, workshops, programming competitions.
More information: Visit


Computer and Network Security Club
Contacts: Jake Smith - JTS5NP@VIRGINIA.EDU, Roman Bohuk - RBB8YD@VIRGINIA.EDU
Faculty Sponsor: David Evans
Who? Undergrads and Grads
When? Weekly, usually on Thursday Evenings
More information: We host weekly, hands-on workshops on different cybersecurity topics, host guest speakers, compete in CTFs and competitions such as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC), and more. Visit HTTPS://CNSATUVA.GITHUB.IO/ to learn more!


CSSS Volleyball Club
Contact: Chunkun Bo-
Who? Undergrads and Grads
When? Varies


Game Design Research Group
Faculty Sponsors: Mark Sherriff, Mark Floryan
Who? Undergrads
When? Wednesdays at 1:00pm, Rice 404
More Information:


Hackers @ UVA
Contacts: Arnim Jain-,
Who? Undergrads
When? Every Wednesday at 8:30pm
Special Events: hack.uva every year (largest hackathon at UVA); technical and design workshops in partnership with companies or other CIOs


Immersive @UVa
Contact: Omar El Sheikh-
Who? Undergrads
When? Wednesdays, 4:00-5:00pm in the VR Space of Clemons Library 3rd floor
Special Events: Speaker presentations and workshops for developing/making content for immersive technologies (VR/AR/3D)
More Information: Immersive@UVa’s club goal is to promote the usage and development of immersive technologies. This includes VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), 3D scanning/printing, and motion capture. Come by if you have questions about how to get started developing projects for the space, need team members for a project, or are just curious and would like to try out the technology! Devices like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift + Touch, Microsoft Hololens, and more are available for members to learn about and use!


Machine Learning Club at the University of Virginia
Contacts: Christopher Geier-, Hasan Khan-
Faculty Sponsor: Nada Basit
Who? Undergrads
When? Bi-weekly on a Thursday at 6:00pm for a topic presentation, Saturday at 5:00pm for a reading group. Usually in Rice 011.
Special Events: Guest speakers (recently one from a Charlottesville machine learning start-up.)
More Information: Small group of 15, currently in the application process to form a CIO. Visit


Nano and Emerging Technologies Club (NExT)
Contact: Stefan Broecker-
Who? Undergrads
More Information: NExT is an interdisciplinary club that aims to get students engaged in the research community at UVA. We host seminars from all over the school, we have multiple ongoing projects, and we connect students who have their own project ideas with resources and other students to make their project possible.


National Society of Black Engineers
More Information: Visit


Profit with Purpose
Contact: Sajal Rohatgi,
Who? Undergrads
When? Mondays at 7:00PM
More information: If you would like to learn about Social Impact, with basic financial valuation skills, join PwP! We also connect students with actual companies in the space - Village Capital, 118 Capital, and more!


Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
Contacts Jonathan Zheng-
Faculty Sponsor: Willie Williams
Who? Undergrads
When? Once a month (general body meeting), two to three social or professional events per month.
Special Events: Occasional fundraisers aimed to strengthen bonds between mentors


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at the University of Virginia
Contacts: Caroline Pavlak- or
More Information:


Society of Women Engineers
Contacts Brianna Biesecker-
More Information: Visit


Student Game Developers
Contacts: Sanjana Mendu-, Jackson Ekis-
Who? Undergrads & Grads
When? 3 times a semester, varies based on project timelines
Special Events: One to two Game James per semester (hack-a-thons to build a game in 48 – 72 hours)
One to two speakers per semester (alumni or industry experts)
One or more charity events (this year, hosting a chapter of Extra Life to benefit the UVA Children’s Hospital)
More info: visit


Women in Computing Sciences
Contacts: Yuki Yang-, Puja Soni-
Faculty Sponsor: Tom Horton
Who? Undergrads, grads
Special Events: Monthly Professor Dinner Series, Annual Rotunda Dinner, annual hackathons, company info sessions or workshops hosted by outside companies, Women in Tech Bootcamp, Lunch and Learn, mentorship events.
More information: The mission of Women in Computing Sciences at UVA is to spread awareness about issues confronting women in the field of technology, to provide a network and community to inspire women to explore educational and professional opportunities in technology, to grow interest in and knowledge of science and applications of modern computing, and increase company recruitment and retention of women in computing sciences. Visit their website:


UVA Engineering Student Council


UVA Graduate Engineering Student Council