Chemical Engineering

This list of courses reflects what students have taken in the past and therefore does not guarantee the continued availability of each course. Please check to see if the course in question is still offered by following the link to the host institution's course catalog, if available. For transfer credit approval, the most recent syllabus can be found in a course catalog search.

These are not the only courses that are available to take at each institution. New courses can be taken with approval from an advisor.

  • Asia
    UVA Course
    Host Equivalent
    APMA 2130: Differential Equations
    MA 3220 Ordinary Differential Equations
    PHYS 2415: Physics II
    PHYS 2519: Physics II Lab
    PC 1222 Fundamentals of Physics II
    APMA 3110: Applied Probability & Statistics
    ST 2334 Probability and Statistics
    CHE 2216: Modeling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering
    CN 3421 Process Modeling and Numerical Simulation
    CHE 2202: Thermodynamics
    CN 2121 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
    CHEM 2420: Organic Chemistry II
    CM 2121 Organic Chemistry 2
  • Oceania
    UVA Course
    Host Equivalent
    CHE 3318: Chemical Reactor Engineering
    Reactor Engineering (CHEN30001)
    CHE 3322: Heat and Mass Transfer Processes
    Heat and Mass Transport (CHEN30005)