Office of Undergraduate Programs

The Office of Undergraduate Programs provides information, assistance and guidance to undergraduate engineering students as well as to prospective students and parents interested in applying to the School of Engineering undergraduate program.

The Office of Undergraduate Programs is responsible for:

  • Recruit outstanding undergraduate students
  • Serve as a liaison for UVA undergraduate admissions
  • Administer registrations, transcripts, other records and degree certifications for undergraduate students
  • Lead the School in developing the best-possible educational experience for undergraduate students

Staff Contact Information:

Lisa Lampe, Director of Undergraduate Success
Thornton Hall, Room A122

Jesse Rogers, Engineering Registrar
Thornton Hall, Room A122

Joe Rehder, Undergraduate Manager
Thornton Hall, Room A122

Julie Innes Caruccio, Associate Dean of Students
Thornton Hall, Room A112

Jackie Woods, Psychologist
Thornton Hall, Room A111