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Read the latest news briefs from and about students and faculty in the UVA Computer Science Department.

  • 2020 Louis T. Rader Undergraduate Teaching Award: Sarah Meng

    About Sarah:
    Discrete math is in my bones. I have been a teaching assistant for CS 2102 (Discrete Mathematics) for 4 professors who taught at least 5 distinct versions of the course over 6 semesters. I had no idea that I would fall in love with discrete math as a student almost 7 semesters ago. I suppose this has been in the works ever since I got a tiny taste of proofs and logic in 8th grade geometry class.

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  • 2020 Louis T. Rader Undergraduate Teaching Award Winner: Sean Gatewood

    About Sean:
    I like to think of myself as a general-purpose software engineer, but I think sometimes the real joy comes from the silly little hacks. While the pillars of proper development are important, sometimes it's fun to just throw something together with band-aids and chewing gum to make something that solves or automates an immediate problem.

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  • 2020 Louis T. Rader Undergraduate Teaching Award Winner: Simranjit Bhatia

    About Simranjit:

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  • 2020 Louis T. Rader Undergraduate Teaching Award Winner: Winston Liu

    About Winston:
    I'm a 4th year from northern New Jersey, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Spanish! I love to TA, and it's been my absolute pleasure to be a teaching assistant for the CS department. When I'm not TAing, my free time is usually taken up by rock climbing, running, playing sports with friends, or volunteering. Fun fact: I'm ambidextrous!
    What has kept Winston motivated:

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  • 2019-2020 CS Department Awards

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2019-2020 annual Computer Science Department Awards!
    *These students are part of the graduating class of (May) 2020!UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS

    Louis T. Rader Service Award
    Jake Smith*
    Madison Flynn
    Sanjana Hajela*

    Louis T. Rader Teaching Award
    Alex Lehmann
    Cameron Lloyd*
    Jason Ashley
    Michael Ferguson
    Nadia Hassan
    Sarah Meng*
    Sean Gatewood*
    Simranjit Bhatia
    V Layne Berry
    Winston Liu*

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  • UVA Engineering Cyber Defense Team Advances to the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

    Congratulations to UVA Engineering's cyber defense team!UVA Engineering's cyber defense team won the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Wild Card Round. Yonghwi Kwon, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, leads the team.

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  • PhD Student Josie Lamp Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

    Josephine Lamp, a 2nd year PhD student in Computer Science, has been selected for an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.The title of her research statement for the application was “Privacy-Preserving Learning for Logic-Based Decision Support Systems.” Josie Lamp is working with Assistant Professor Lu Feng who holds joint appointments in Computer Science and Engineering Systems and Environment. Josie is a Steering Committee Member of the Computer Science Graduate Student Group serving as Chair and Diversity Rep.

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  • Assistant Professor Apostolellis Wins Henry Kinnier Award

    Computer Science Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Panagiotis Apostolellis has been selected by the Mead Endowment as the Henry Kinnier Award winner for 2020-21.The Kinnier Award was created to recognize and encourage interactions between faculty and students in engineering, and give them the opportunity to pursue a “Dream Idea” to create a positive relationship with students beyond what is afforded by normal classroom/advisor roles.

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  • UVA-Led Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory Earns First Patent

    UVA Engineering's Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory, or CRISP, researchers have received their first patent.Named on the patent are Kevin Skadron chair of the Department of Computer Science; Mircea R. Stan, professor of electrical and computer engineering; Elaheh Sadredini, postdoctoral research associate in computer science; and, Gholamreza Rahimi, a doctoral student in computer engineering.

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  • Two UVA Computer Science Faculty Win Google Research Awards

    Assistant Professors Hongning Wang and Haifeng Xu have both received Google Research Awards.Hongning Wang and Haifeng Xu have both received Google Research Awards. These awards provide funding intended to support one graduate student for one year. The Award also comes with some credits for Google's cloud service. This funding program has become extraordinarily competitive with just 15% of applicants receiving funding!

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