Industrial Services

NMCF provides analytical services for clients in government, industry, and academia

UVa's Nanoscale Materials Characterization Facility (NMCF) is pleased to partner with leading industries in Virginia, providing metallurgical preparation and processing, as well as analytical services in electron microscopy, imaging, X-ray diffraction and analysis, quantitative surface composition, focused ion-beam etching, and surface chemistry.

Our Mission

State of the art facilities and instrumentation can help resolve questions in materials science, solar energy, automotive engineering, nuclear engineering, chemistry, medicine, conservation, geology and physics - among many others.

High standards and fast throughput, coupled to decades of experience, help NMCF provide analytical solutions to modern materials problems. We provide services in:

  • Materials characterization
  • Process improvement
  • Surface analysis
  • Quality control
  • Failure analysis
  • Legal forensics
  • Stress and fracture


NMCF consulting rates are determined on a project by project basis, depending on the instrumentation required and laboratory specialist time. Rates for external users can be found on each instrument page.


Users outside UVA may pay instrument and operator fees via Check or Credit Card after analysis and consultation is complete. Invoices will be issued through UVA's Accounts Payable Department. You will need the Transaction Number and Customer Numbers found on the invoice to proceed with payment.

Credit Card Payments can be made online via the University of Virginia's Accounts Receivable External Customers resources webpage.

Check Payment should  be mailed to:

University of Virginia
Attn:  Accounts Receivable Dept.
PO Box 400201
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4201

Return and Refund Policy:

No Refunds on work performed. Overpayment by credit card will be reimbursed to the credit card account the next business day. Overpayment by e-check or paper check will be reimbursed to the company or individual by a check drawn on a University account. A tax ID number is required.

Customer Service Contact Information:

Contact Name: Sherri Sullivan
Contact Phone: 434-982-5670
Contact Email:

Standard UVa non-disclosure agreement.

Commitment to Privacy and Non-Disclosure

Individuals’ privacy is important to the University of Virginia. Our privacy and public records obligations are governed solely by applicable Virginia statutes, including, but not limited to, the Virginia Privacy Protection Act of 1976, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, and by any applicable U.S. federal laws.

Non-disclosure agreements between industrial clients and NMCF & UVa are allowable, subject to Virginia Commonwealth policy. UVa's standard work-for-hire non-disclosure agreement can be modified upon request after attorney review.

UVa's complete privacy policy can be found at

Questions for the NMCF Management?

Arthur W. Lichtenberger

Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Lichtenberger is a Research Professor at UVA and the NRAO Director of the UVA Microfabrication Laboratories. He has built an internationally recognized research program in superconducting materials, devices, circuits and packaging for ultra-sensitive single pixel and and array THz detectors. 

Richard White

Laboratory Manager, Materials Science & Engineering NMCF Facility Manager NMCF Principal Scientist for SEM, TEM, Optical, Metallography

Richard White is the NMCF Laboratory Manager and Electron Microscopy & Metallurgy Specialist. He specializes in Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging and compositional analysis; Optical Microscopy; Hardness Measurements; and Metallurgical Techniques for SEM and TEM.