NMCF Team - (Back Row; Left to Right) Jim Howe (Emeritus), Richard White, Joe Thompson, and Helge Heinrich; (Front Row; Left to Right) Cathy Dukes & Diane Dickie.

NMCF Research Team

Arthur W. Lichtenberger

Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Lichtenberger is a Research Professor at UVA and the NRAO Director of the UVA Microfabrication Laboratories. He has built an internationally recognized research program in superconducting materials, devices, circuits and packaging for ultra-sensitive single pixel and and array THz detectors. 

Diane Dickie Headshot

Diane Dickie

Senior Scientist & Lecturer, Chemistry Department and Materials Science & Engineering Principal Scientist for X-ray Crystallography Office: Jesser Hall 103
Dr. Diane Dickie joined the Chemistry Department in January 2018 as a Senior Scientist and X-Ray Crystallographer. Diane will also be working with the Materials Science Department. Her office is Room 103 in the Material Science Building. Diane received an honors B.Sc. from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, where she worked on the hydroboration of novel ketoenamines under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Westcott.
Cathy Dukes Headshot

Catherine A. Dukes

Research Scientist, Materials Science & Engineering Principal Scientist for XPS, XRF, & FTIR Office: Jesser Hall 149
Catherine A. Dukes is a Research Scientist in the Department of Materials Science at UVA, where she directs the Laboratory for Astrophysics and Surface Physics (LASP-UVa) and is the NMCF principal scientist for XPS, XRF, and FTIR analyses. Her research program focuses on the interaction of radiation (ions, photons, & electrons) with surfaces of solid materials and condensed gases, with a focus on laboratory planetary science.
Helge Heinrich Headshot

Helge Heinrich

Research Scientist, Materials Science & Engineering Principal Scientist for HR-S/TEM & FIB-SEM Office: Wilsdorf Hall B118
Dr. Helge Heinrich joined the NMCF as the Principal Scientist for High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy, with expertise in focused ion beam sample preparation and cross sectional electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) from the University of Central Florida.
Harry Potter Headshot

Joseph A. Thompson

Laboratory Specialist, Materials Science & Engineering Principal Scientist for Raman, AFM, SEM/Optical Microscopy, & Metallurgy Office: Jesser Hall
Joe Thompson joined the NMCF as a Laboratory Specialist, also providing analysis for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). He specializes in Raman Spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, and Optical and Electron Microscopies.
richard white headshot

Richard R. White

Laboratory Manager, Materials Science & Engineering Principal Scientist for SEM, Optical/SEM Microscopy, & Metallurgy Office: Wilsdorf Hall B118
Richard White joined the NMCF as the Laboratory Manager and Electron Microscopy Specialist in 2004 from R.G. Lee in Pittsburgh. He holds a BA from Trinity International University and a Certificate in Electron Microscopy from San Joaquin Delta College. He specializes in Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging and compositional analysis; Optical Microscopy; Hardness Measurements; and Metallurgical Techniques for SEM and TEM.