Below are jobs, internships, and other resources shared with our department that might be of interest to CS students.

JUMP Undergraduate Research Initiative - Recruiting Now for Fall 2020!

UVA is one of four co-horts in the JUMP Undergraduate Research Initiative. The URI program is sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation, falling under their Joint University Microelectronics Program (JUMP). URI is a paid program, and students are paid hourly (5 - 10 hours per week) according to their year in school. This research experience helps improve students' competitive edge for full-time jobs, internships, or grad school. This past year, in the spring of 2019, 10 out of the 14 participating UVA students in the program received invitations to present at SRC's TECHCON conference. (TECHCON is a conference with opportunities for students to present their research to a wide variety of potential employers.)   

The program is now looking to add UVA students to being in Fall 2020 (and some summer funding may also be available). Any research in CS is eligible, although priority will be for topics that are closer to the CRISP (Center for Research on Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory) mission.

Additional information about URI can be found on this webpage. Students can also fill out the URI application here to begin the process.


Graduate Writing Lab Spring offerings:

Graduate Peer Review Groups (PRG) -communities of engineering graduate students that meet weekly for constructive discussion-based feedback. More InfoSign up now for Spring 2020.

Engineers Writing for Public Audiences (EWPA) -group for students interested in communicating engineering concepts and research to public and popular audiences through formal and informal writing. Join now for Spring 2020.

WriteHere! Show up & write sessions– spring session times

Become a WriteHere! facilitator -Co-lead weekly show up & write sessions at a time/place convenient for you - sign up online

Workshops - Spring 2020 – Registration open now

See All Spring 2020 Events –also viewable on a Google calendar

Writing About Research-
Writing Abstracts | Online Resources for Research Writing (NEW) | Writing Introductions (NEW) | Writing Research Proposals (NEW)

Communicating w/Visuals (NEW Series)- also see new webpage on Visual Communication
Data Visualization | Designing Posters | Slide Design | PPT Tips - register

Revising Writing-
Self Editing | Perfecting Paragraphs | Clarity Sentences & Punctuation Refresher - register

Developing Writing Processes- 
Productive Writing Practices

Crafting Fellowship Applications- also see the fellowship prep webpage

Applying for Graduate Fellowships (NEW- Just Added) | Writing Research Proposals (NEW)

Book a One-on-One Consultation  - exclusively for Engineering grad students & postdocs- to discuss/get feedback on outlines, drafts, writing, presentations, slides, posters, and figures or to get help with strategies for writing

schedule online: Regular Consultations | Zoom Consultations | request a custom time

Join the GWL Slack for announcements, to ask quick questions, join writehere! online, and more

Discover Online Resources to help with your writing, presentations, and posters

Sign Up for access to the Grad Writing ESL Resources Collab Site


Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research (USOAR)

USOAR is a program that targets rising first-, second- and transfer undergraduate students who do not have previous significant experience in research with a paid research position funded by the Federal Work Study program and the Office of Undergraduate Research. USOAR introduces students to the enriching experiences surrounding research and provides them with the chance to build strong relationships with faculty. It also seeks to attract students with financial need and from underrepresented populations and provide them with a path into research. Learn more about the requirements and timing for applying at the USOAR website


The Impact Fellowship

The Impact Fellowship is a 2-week program in NYC for tech students who want to build a better world! Based in NYC during winter break, the program features workshops with advanced software engineers and speakers from the social impact arena - fellows also team up and create their own social startups that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals! Learn more and apply at