NMCF Room, Staff and Instrument Calendars

Reminder: Instrument Time Logs REQUIRE Netbadge (Duo Access). **Please remember to BRING YOUR PHONE.**


Use the Google Calendars below for instrument sign up time.

To add a reservation to a calendar, click on the + sign at the bottom right of the calendar. This will take you to your Google Calendar, where you can add the reservation on the correct instrument.


Sample Preparation and Testing Instruments:


Auto Polisher - Jesser Hall Room 129

Ion Mill - Jesser Hall Room 131

Hitachi IM4000 Ion Polisher  - Jesser Hall Room 131

Reservations are not required for other polishing wheels, cut-off saws, or hardness measurements.


Optical Microscopes and Spectrometers:


Raman Spectroscopy / Bruker AFM - Jesser Hall Room 142

Bruker FTIR - Jesser Hall Room 162

Hirox Digital Microscope - Jesser Hall Room 139

Zygo White Light Profilometer - Wilsdorf Hall Room B001


Electron Microscopes:


FEI Titan STEM - Jesser Hall Room 158

Helios FIB/SEM - Wilsdorf Hall Room B001

Quanta 650 SEM - Wilsdorf Hall Room B003

Phenom XL SEM - Jesser Hall Room 139

Themis HR-STEM/TEM - Wilsdorf Hall Room B013


X-ray Instrumentation:


Panalytical Empyrean XRD - Jesser Hall Room 108

Panalytical X'pert XRD - Jesser Hall Room 112  (Enter via Room 108)

Rigaku Smartlab XRD - New Instrument - Coming Summer 2023

Panalytical Epsilon 3 XRF - Jesser Hall Room 112  (Enter via Room 108)

Versaprobe III XPS - Jesser Hall Room 148




Post-Processing Computer - Wilsdorf Hall Room B001





Richard White   Facility Manager / Laboratory Specialist SEM, TEM, Optical, & Metallurgy

Diane Dickie      XRD & XCT Principal Scientist

Cathy Dukes     XPS & XRF & FTIR Principal Scientist / NMCF Website

Helge Heinrich  TEM & FIB Principal Scientist

Joe Thompson  NMCF & VTRC Laboratory Specialist  AFM/Raman, SEM, Optical, & Metallurgy