Cardiovascular Disease

Despite recent advances, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the world.

UVA biomedical engineers are developing the next generation of technologies to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease through multiscale computational modeling, high-throughput discovery platforms, multimodal biomedical imaging, and targeted delivery of regenerative therapeutics.

Primary Faculty in Cardiovascular Disease Application Areas

BME Joint Faculty in Cardiovascular Disease Applications

  • Brian Annex, MD

    Lantheus Medical Imaging Distinguished Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

    Bench to bedside translational research laboratory that focuses on angiogenesis (the growth and proliferation of blood vessels from existing vascular structures) in the context of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

    Annex Lab
  • Mark Kester, PhD

    Professor of Pharmacology

    Developing innovative nanotechnologies for targeted drug delivery in cancer and cardiovascular diseases; pioneered the use of sphingolipids as therapeutics.

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  • Bijoy Kundu, PhD

    Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

    Quantitative cardiac PET imaging techniques to address metabolic remodeling in small animal models of myocardial injury & type 2 diabetes.

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  • Clint Miller, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Pubic Health Sciences

    Studying the genetic and environmental risk factors for coronary artery disease and other complex cardiovascular diseases using a combination of large-scale multi-omics profiling and genetic and drug perturbations.

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  • Michael Salerno, MD, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging

    The development and evaluation of novel MRI techniques to improve the clinical utility of CMR imaging.

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  • Paul Yates, MD

    Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

    Research on retinal ganglion cells and blood vessels as they relate to retinal diseases including diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

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